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 Pre Purchase and End of New Vehicle Warranty for $188.00, you could save yourself thousands.. Book Now.. Log book service from $188.50


Correct maintenance is vital to keep your Land Rover performing at its peak. Regular servicing at the recommended intervals is a key factor, as is the technical knowledge base and specialised equipment available at your Techno British Independent Land Rover´s servicing facilities.

Shane Burns heads our Service Division. Shane and his team have made it their mission to not only provide your vehicle with very high quality servicing, but also to serving you brilliantly time after time.

Our dedicated Land Rover trained specialists use the very latest in technology to service your Land Rover. Their specialisation means your vehicle receives the highest quality care.                                                               


A loan vehicle can be available for your use whilst your Land Rover is in for servicing for only $30.00 per day. (Please note: bookings well in advance are essential ).

  • Assistance
    In the unlikely event that your Land Rover would encounter a mechanical breakdown or any of the issues listed below you can benefit as a Land Rover owner from our 24 hour Independent Land Rover Roadside Assistance Programme.
  • ( Annual fee of $299.00 )                                                     
  • Please note all vehicles under the prescibed manufacturer warranty to call 1800 819 181

    This service offers you total peace of mind 24 hours a day every day Australia-wide.

    The Techno British Roadside Assistance programme is valid for the length of 12 months and 20000klm which includes three breakdowns. It is subject to the prescribed Terms and Conditions.

    Events covered
    · Mechanical breakdowns
    · Flat Tyres
    · Flat Battery
    · Locked in or lost keys
    · Out of fuel
  • Important - special operating conditions
    When a vehicle is operated in extremely arduous conditions or a dusty, wet or muddy terrain, more frequent attention must be paid to servicing requirements.

    For example: if your vehicle experiences deep wading conditions, even DAILY servicing could be necessary to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the vehicle.

    If in doubt, please contact Techno British, your independent Land Rover service repairer. 

The routine maintenance requirements for your vehicle are shown in the Service Portfolio book. Most of this necessary workshop maintenance requires specialised knowledge and equipment and should preferably be entrusted to a Land Rover dealer.

However, a number of simple checks should be carried out more frequently. You can carry out these checks yourself and advice is given in the Owner's Handbook supplied with your vehicle. There are a number of precautionary measures that should be referred to before proceeding with these checks.

Please note that any significant or sudden drop in fluid levels, or uneven tyre wear, should be reported to Techno British without delay.




Techno British Service Plan (based on a 24-month plan and 12,000 miles a year) prices start from:-

  • Freelander 1 from $98.45 per month
  • Freelander 2 from $108.45per month
  • Discovery 3 from $118.45per month
  • Range Rover from $87.80per month
  • Range Rover Sport from $125.50per month
  • Defender from $110.45per month



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