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 Tim Brower drove his 2008 Land Rover Defender 2.4 litre 130 Dual Cab over 1250 klms to have extensive work carried out by the Techno British boys, some of the work including is full suspension package with 2 inch raise kit, major service, front diff protector, alloy steer protector, Recaro Seat, Long Range fuel tank and water tank, this is just some of the work carried out at our premises at Moorooka in Brisbane, here you will see Aaron fitting the rear suspension with Air Bags, our customer Tim uses his car extensively in very remote areas in Australia, he's a Texan that has probably seen more of the Australian outback than I have and am sure many Australians. Before any of our work is commenced we get a full understanding of what our customers needs  and what there requirements are before undergoing any type of work.

Long range tank being installed  onto Td5 ( 127 Litre )Aaron fitting LH rear suspension springs & poly air bags to Tim Browers Land Rover.

 External type water tank 40 litre capacity

 Top mounted water tank ( 40 litre capacity ) steel mounted - braced and locked, mounts to top roof rack.

Td5 performance intercooler installation.


RH side a/c condensor pipe sitting underneath original intercooler, front bar with only enough room to put fingers in

  Photo taken looking up towards radiator support - Looking down on LH side radiator - a/c condensor and original intercoller


Tim Browers Land Rover Defender 2008 2.4 Litre 130 Dual Cab Utility ( Photos taken 9/07/2009)

Fabrication of Water Tank in LHR Quarter Defender Ute Dual Cab ( approx 45 to 50 litres) including speaker mounts for 6 x 9 inch

 Original mudguard removed               Fabrication started                          Speaker mounts installed                 Water Tank approx 85 % completed 



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